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The Ford Escape has been the subject of great reviews for its high fuel economy and rugged off-road capabilities. In fact, the Ford Escape is so well built it can be considered an all-rounder, suitable for daily living and long distance travel. From coast-to-coast, the Ford Escape offers great value for money. The car’s combination of an economy car personality, with tons of performance and hauling capacity makes it a great everyday vehicle for anyone looking for an economical, reliable car. But although the Ford Escape is great value for money, is it suitable for off-road driving?

Ford has developed an awesome all-round car that’s great for commuting but not so great on the street. If you want to drive off-road with confidence then the Ford Escape isn’t for you. Unfortunately, the Ford Escape does not come with any extras to increase its off-road capabilities. However, Ford has developed some useful options like the Ford Escape Performance Package, which adds a front air spoiler, a sporty strut bar, adaptive cruise control, and hands-free liftgate.

Although the Ford Escape has lots of great features and great fuel economy, it’s still not going to give you the fastest or best lap times. In fact, overall speed is only marginally better than the average sedan, despite having a powerful second and third engine. On the other hand, the Ford Escape has the dubious distinction of being the only vehicle to score better than a 24 mpg on the freeway. That’s right, the Escape is better than the average family car in both fuel economy and acceleration!

The Ford Escape offers up a choice of five trim levels with the highest grade being the Two-tone Black Pearl. The Black Pearl trims are available on either black or naturally-colored leather. All trim levels offer the Ford trademark adjustable seat height as well as front and rear bumper rocker effects. There are also available three-spoke front and two-spoke rear trim sets for the Escape, although only the base engine is available in these trim levels.

Ford has once again done a good job of designing an all-around great vehicle, but they have managed to squeeze in some nice features too. The Ford Escape has been given its fair share of power upgrades, which start with the powertrain. Up front, the Ford Escape has received a slight power bump to the front wheel drive model. Powertrain improvements to the Ford Escape include:

As for the exterior of the Ford Escape, there are still plenty of choices to choose from. You can get your face painted, get your car stickers sprayed on, or get creative and go with all black. The all-black look of the Ford Escape is sure to attract lots of attention, especially from the boys at school. Check out our full review of the new Honda Civic for more information on what’s new for the Honda Civic and Marc Urbano Car Driver.

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